Thelema RVA Bus

The Thelema RVA Bus is currently parked outside of Richmond Virginia.
The bus is currently grounded due to COVID.

In the past, the Thelema RVA Bus has taken members on Field Trips to various OTO Events. Some of those places have included NotoconKaaba Colloquium, and events at various Local Bodies and other Camps-In-Formation.

Sometimes the Bus simply runs locally, taking members on “Thelema Day” trips to places such as Agecroft Hall, the Poe Museum, or the annual campout at a private campground.

Being magickal, the Thelema RVA Bus has been known to shapeshift into various forms.  Sometimes a van, sometimes an SUV, and maybe occasionally a carriage!

Although elusive and rumored not to exist, the local oracle swears the bus was last spotted near Windsor Farms, Richmond Virginia

Near a flickering streetlamp, the smell of morning rises with the song and flutter of birds.
A peculiar hermit continues to tinker under the hood of the Thelema RVA Bus, while grumbling something about magick dishes…

NOTICE: If you are a Thelema RVA member, and travelling on Thelemic Business, inquire about a rideshare!  The Thelema RVA Bus might appear out of the mirage….