Our Name and Logo

RVA stands for Richmond Virginia.  We are a Central Virginia based Thelemic group.  “RVA” is a title used commonly in Central Virginia.

The logo is a pentagram of the elements and spirit, within the hexagram of the planets, surrounded by the words “Behold the limitless light” (can also be Lo the limitless light) with a date at the bottom, around the eye of Re-Harakhty (or Ra-Hoor).

The pentagram inside the hexagram is the common Thelemic symbol.  What is unique to our local group are the words which circumscribe this symbol, and the inclusion of the eye.

As a symbol of the universe, the pentagram can represent the elements and spirit in Malkuth (on the Tree of Life), whereas the hexagram represents the planetary spheres with Saturn representing the supernals.  In this, the hexagram and the pentagram together represent the whole tree of life.

Note the familiar saying that “Malkuth is in Kether and Kether in Malkuth” meaning that spirit is in the elements.  Also that the Kether of Briah is in the Malkuth of Atziluth, the Kether of Yetzirah is in the Malkuth of Briah, and so on through the 4 worlds of the Kabbalah. (e.g. The tree expanded versus the composite tree we often see depicted.)

The eye as the Egyptian form of the Eye of Providence, is another way to depict spirit of the supernals deposited within the pentagram of the elements.    Inclusion of the eye is our way of honoring the Stele of Revealing.  We depicted the right eye as opposed to the left eye since the right eye is what is depicted on the Stele.

RVA, in Gematria, equates to 207 =  Resh 200 + Vav 6 + Aleph 1.

As does the inscription:

The date at the bottom is the date we received word of our Camp-In-Formation status with the O.T.O.