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NOTE: We are Not an official OTO group, although, working towards forming an encampment in the local area.

Dues and Fees

  • No dues Nor fees.
  • Small donations accepted.
  • Occasional charge for at-cost materials for opt-in special events.

Three types of membership:

  1. Local: Live in Central Virginia or within 100 miles of 23233
  2. Extended: Live in Virginia but not Local
  3. Distance: Live out of State

Requesting Membership:
You are expected to read and familiarize yourself with the Newcomer Material before applying.
To apply, Register.  (At the bottom of the login screen, in small print, it says “Register”).
If you wish to have access to any of the private locations, you will have to schedule a time to be screened (email [email protected], subject: Requesting Screening)

  • During COVID screening is on the phone or video conference.
  • Not during COVID, if your membership would be Local, then screening would be in-person. If Extended or Distance Membership, it might be on the phone or video conference.
  • Screening includes but not limited to sharing your contact information for our Member PII Hardcopy Book, verifying your identity (photo ID), verifying that you have familiarized yourself with the Newcomer Information and have accepted the Member Policies and House Rules.

Returning Members:
If you have already been to an in-person meeting and were already screened and it has been over a year since you had last attended and you wish to start attending again, in this case then do the following:

  • Register
  • Feel free to RSVP to an event.
  • You may want to reach out to us for one of the following: (email [email protected], subject: Returning Member)
    • We may have relocated since you were last in attendance.
    • If your name or contact information have changed.
    • If there is anything further you feel we need to know.

What you get with your Membership

  • Access to the Membership Page which includes at-cost Merchandise and printables.
  • Access to the Monthly Newsletter.
  • Being able to attend Business Meetings and to therefore have input into the operations of the group.
  • Access to in-person Events at Private Locations.
  • Access to the annual campout at a Private Campground.
  • Ride the Thelema RVA Bus (rideshare for member field trips, as well as for initiators / officiators taking mass transit from out of state – see link for details)
  • Request Initiation. (We have previously hosted Minerval 0* Initiations, and have been working towards hosting Gnostic Masses).
  • Attend Initiation (if you are an initiate of that degree and are dues current with Grand Lodge).
  • Officiate Hosted Masses (if you are confirmed in the EGC) or Officiate Initiations (if you are an initiate of that degree). (You must also be dues current with Grand Lodge.).

What you can do as a Non Member

  • Attend online events which are open to the public.
  • Attend in-person public events at public locations.
  • Attend any Gnostic Masses in public locations.

Participation Levels

  • Attendee: Enjoy an event!
  • GOATS: Assume the responsibility of a task for a one-off event.
  • Council (Large or Small): Responsible for the operations of the group.

Type of Group for Legal Purposes:

  • We are classified as a “Bible Study”.