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Summary of Current Offerings

  1. Friday Night Series:  Happy Hour Social, Crowley Study Night, Thelemic Showcase
    • Happy Hour Socials are a one hour long online video conference, on Friday nights, of unstructured open time for members and non-members to mingle and fraternize.  Each has its own Icebreaker Question.  The video conference link is given in the event.  See our events page.
    • Crowley Study Nights are an hour long online video conference, on Friday nights, of round-robin-reading followed by discussion of a text by Aleister Crowley.   The study nights are “Open Facilitator & Rolling Topics Style” as described in the event, and also in the Facilitator GuideSee our events page for details.
    • Thelemic Showcases are one-off events the last hour of the Thelema RVA Friday Night Series.  They are usually an activity or class involving the writings, rituals, or meditations of Aleister Crowley.  Can be a derivative work, and can be an art or craft.  The Activity Corner supports this body of work.
      • Examples:  Mass of the Phoenix, Tree of Life Pathworking (777 correspondences), Rituals using the Greater Pentagrams and Hexagrams, Rituals from the Temple of Solomon the King, Scrying the Thirty Aethyrs, Enochian and/or Heptarchy Ritual, Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia, Magical Weapons, Scrying the Treasurehouse of Images, I-Ching Readings, Liber III vel Jugorum, EGC Mass Practice or a read-through of the EGC Mass, Rites of Eleusis, etc.
  2. Ask the Author Book Club is a periodic series (approximately every two  to three months) with various authors and books, ending in a video conference with the Author.  Each video conference is one hour and a half long, on various dates/times.  Free Ticket with Join Link emailed to you upon RSVP, seating limited.  See our events page.
  3. Business Meetings:  Monthly meetings open to all local members
    • Agenda:
      • Welcome new members
      • Announcements
      • Discussion Topics or Voting
      • Calendar  (The calendar is populated from business meeting to business meeting.)
    • Post-Meeting:
      • Meeting Minutes are taken and put in the archive.  The List Management is populated from the Minutes.   Council Reports are generated from the List Management.
      • Action items from business meetings generally include populating the calendar, which includes: Website, Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar.
  4. Thelemic Holiday Observances are selected Saints days and Feast days, usually one per month, included on the calendar for awareness.  They are generally non-meets.
  5. Occasional Outdoor Meets following COVID-19 restrictions.
  6. The Thelema RVA Bus is a rideshare for Initiators & Officiators travelling from out of state and electing to take mass transit as opposed to driving.  In other words, we can pick up / drop off at the train station / airport, and assist you to avoid car rental expense.  The Thelema RVA Bus is also a rideshare for known members who elect to travel together on group Field Trips.  The Thelemic Bus is temporarily grounded.