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Roles Guide

ROLES for the online sessions:

All of the Roles listed below rotate among the membership with the exception of the Admin.

  1. Program Director:  The individual who fulfills this role is determined at the business meeting.  This individual is in charge of executing the programming for that season’s session including: Hosting the Online Sessions (including appointment of appropriate co-hosts as needed), Submitting the Season’s Events (using the Event Form) by noon the Sunday immediately following the Business Meeting, Lines-up study and showcase facilitators, attempts to have facilitators rotate among the membership as appropriate.  Assigns a willing back-up or step-in as needed.  Schedules and conducts the closing business meeting of the season’s session  (the last meeting of the session which they preside over) which includes:  Asking for feedback on the season’s events, determining if the group wishes to continue or to go DARK for a month, asks for a volunteer for the Master/Mistress of Congress for the kick-off of the next session, and together determine the date for the next season’s kick-off business meeting.  Records all of this in meeting minutes which they then place on the appropriate Discord Channel.
      • Title: Thelema RVA Friday Night Series (Online)
      • Meeting Body:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Friday Night Series Hosted by Thelema RVA

SCHEDULE: Be our guest to any or all of the evening events!
07:00 pm – 08:00 pm Eastern – Social – Unstructured open time for members and non-members to mingle and fraternize.
08:00 pm – 09:00 pm Eastern – Aleister Crowley Study – Link to text will be provided in the chat of the video conference.
09:00 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern – Thelemic Showcase – One-Off Class, Lecture, Ritual, or Show-N-Tell!
NOTE:  We run on a seasonal basis, cycling on and off.  Meaning, we will be weekly for 4 to 6 sessions, then cycle off for a month.  Additionally, we are dark for the occasional Friday night and sometimes for holidays.  Therefore, please check our calendar; or if convenient, simply add our Google Calendar to yours (see LINKS below for instructions)


Detail: x sessions, x min of reading, x min break, x-minute discussion, ~x pages per session


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Roles Guide:
Time Zone Conversion Table:
House Rules Enforced by HOST:
USGL Member Policy Statement:


Register for our mailing list and/or attend our business meetings to get a heads-up on the season’s Study Text and Showcase Topics.
Newcomer Info & Registration:
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Love is the law, love under will.

  1. Master/Mistress of Congress:  Prepares and Conducts the Kick-Off Business Meeting for the Season.  Prepares a write-up introducing 7 texts the members can choose from for the season’s reading.  Prepares the Agenda for the Business Meeting and submits the Agenda via the Event Form on the Website.  Acts as the Host/Hostess for the meeting.  Records the meeting and posts the record on the Discord Channel.  Keeps the meeting running smoothly and on-time.  To this end, can optionally appoint a Timekeeper.  Note that the 9:30-10:00 Unstructured time can be used as a buffer if discussion topics and/or voting run over time.  10:00 should be a hard stop.
      • Written by Aleister Crowley
      • Published by Aleister Crowley
      • Recommended by Aleister Crowley
      • About or by an EGC Saint
      • Use links from 100th Monkey Press where possible due to copyright.
      • Can elect to leverage what Crowley said about the text in his own introductions or reviews.
      • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  Social & WebEx Assistance
        • Welcome New Members, Introductions, & Attendance
        • Members share what has been going on with them in their lives, as they wish.
      • 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm  Business Meeting
        • Theme:   (If there is a Theme)
        • Announcements:
        • Discussion and Member Voting
        • Reading of the Record of the Meeting
      • 9:30 pm – 10:00 pm  Unstructured Time
  2. Host/Hostess:
    • Hosting Video Conference Meetings – Opens the video conference.  Assists newcomers with audio/video issues as needed.  Enforces the House Rules and Member Policy for Pax Templi (Peacekeeping) per event only. (Does not have authority to revoke another’s membership).
    • Official versus Unofficial Meetings – Maintains a hard-stop at 10:00 pm for all official meetings.  After 10:00, any after-party can be conducted by individuals on Discord at their pleasure.  All official meetings should be kept on WebEx.  The separation and distinction between official and unofficial meetings should be maintained for liability reasons.  All official meetings require a Host to maintain Pax Templi for House Rules and Member Policy.   Although House Rules and Member Policy should be maintained for unofficial meetings, it is understood that the unofficial meetings are unmonitored.
    • Recording – Due to the Member Policy around Privacy, the Host Does Not record the sessions via video nor audio.  Individual notes can be taken, and the chat feature should assist with this function.  Host ensures that no one else is recording the session from another device (phone, tape recorder, etc.)  Video or audio recording of members or guests is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  3. Admin:  Approves Submitted Events on the website.  Populates the Meetup, Facebook, and Google Calendar from the Approved website events, ideally by midnight on the Sunday following the kick-off Business Meeting.  Approves all public facing material.  Takes the Discord Meeting Minutes and adds them to the Archive.  Maintains the Archive.  Keeper of Keys:  Accounts, Screenings, Pax Templi for group.
  4. Study Facilitator:  Assigns a Timekeeper and ensures that all participants who want to read and discuss, have the opportunity to.  Tries to prevent one person from hogging all of the reading and/or all of the discussion.  Ensures that there is no single self-appointed guru or teacher attempting to lord over the Study – as everyone is both a student and a teacher as they will.  Can decide to allow some brief tangential conversation if it is deemed by the facilitator to be beneficial and/or relevant.
  5. Showcase Facilitator:  Share your topic either as a lecture, discussion, activity, performance, or show-and-tell!  Showcases are always a one-off singular item tailored to a specific topic.  Showcase information can be subsequently added to the Activity Corner.
  6. Timekeeper:  To keep the online meetings running smoothly on time.
  7. Participant:  We are all the participant.  The job of the participant is to enjoy!


  • Session: The term ‘session’ is being used as a string of 3 to 6 meetings as decided by the group at the business meeting.  A season can have one or two sessions.  When the group is Not in session, the group is considered as being ‘Dark’.


8:00-8:05  Opening: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  (Love is the law, love under will.)

                  Facilitator assigns a TIMEKEEPER (Timekeeping Instructions below)

8:05-8:30     Segment 1:  Facilitator lets attendees know the round-robin reading is to begin, and makes sure everyone who wants to read has the opportunity to do so.  Facilitator decides if they want to limit turns to a page or so.

8:30-8:35     Break-time

8:35-8:55     Segment 2:  Facilitator lets attendees know it is time to begin the discussion, and makes sure that everyone who wants to express a thought, has the opportunity to do so.  Facilitator decides if they want to limit turns to 5 minutes or so, if needed.

8:55-9:00    Closing: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  (Love is the law, love under will.)

Facilitator to ask for a volunteer to facilitate the next session.


Can always interject by saying the word “Time!”

8:05  It is time to commence Segment 1

8:30  Break-time

8:35   It is time to commence Segment 2

8:55   It is time to conclude the discussion 


  1. Time Zone Conversion Table:
  2. House Rules Enforced by HOST:
  3. USGL Member Policy Statement: