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COVID-19 Information

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In addition to the below information from OTO USGL, Thelema RVA will also follow the rule of meeting in pods of 3 to 6 people per location, preferably private property so as to avoid crowds.  Locations will not be made public so as to ensure the pod requirement.

May meet under the following circumstances ONLY:

  • Outdoor

  • Masks required

  • Socially distanced (6+’ between Stay-At-Home units*)

  • No shouting or singing

  • No shared food, tools, utensils, game pieces, etc.

  • Hand sanitizer available

  • May utilize an indoor bathroom, so long as only one person is allowed to enter the building at a time, and sanitation equipment (spray, wipes, etc.) is provided. All attendees must be instructed to wear their mask at all times, to close the toilet lid before flushing and to sanitize surfaces after using

*”Stay At Home” is generally defined as people who live in the same home and stay at home as much as possible who only leave for work and essential activities and are avoiding group/indoor gatherings. See your local regulations for definitions specific to your state/county.

Any outdoor rituals performed must conform to the above restrictions.

More information:

As with all policies pertaining to local body activities, the Master is responsible for understanding and effectively enforcing this policy.

Love is the law, love under will.

NOTE:  This page added 10/3/2020