Ask the Author Book Club (About)

Thelema RVA’s Ask the Author Book Club is for members and non-members to, on a periodic basis (every two to three months), read a book, and then have the delight of meeting the Author online for a Question/Answer session!

  • Links to book purchase and author details are available in the event description.
  • Due to limited video conference capacity, seats will be limited.  RSVP Ticket available.
  • To stand a better chance of getting your question(s) answered, email [email protected] your questions by midnight two days prior to the scheduled session.  Email subject line suggestion is found in the event details.  Authors are emailed questions the morning of the video conference.
  • Sessions run an hour and a half.  The Authors have option of two formats:
    • Format A: Structured
      • 5 minute setup (video/audio/folks arriving).
      • 30-37 minute Segment 1 – Answers to questions which were emailed.
      • 5 minute break
      • 30-37 minute Segment 2 – Author engages with the audience directly.
      • 5 minute wrap up
    • Format B: Unstructured
      • 5 minute setup (video/audio/folks arriving).
      • 80 minutes of whatever the author wants to do
      • 5 minute wrap up