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Study and Fellowship in the Mysteries

General Information

What Is Thelema?: Trifold Brochure * I have Questions: US Grand Lodge FAQ
* Aims & Origins: ProspectusManifestoHermetic Brotherhood of Light
* I have heard strange things!: Crowley?!

Distance Learning: [email protected]

The Local Study Group is back from Hiatus.

We have reorganized post-Hiatus and have online events scheduled starting August 21, 2020.

Local Organizer E-Mail To: [email protected]
Archivist E-Mail To: [email protected]
Meeting Location: Richmond, Virginia
Post & Parcel: P.O. Box 70871 Henrico VA 23255
Call or Text: (804) 476-0233 evenings and weekends Eastern Time

This Website:
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Supporting Thelema in the Valley of Central Virginia

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